Welcome to SendCake Films and the ‘CakeJoy® through Film Making’ movement. We are a small production company, set up in 2012.

We believe in surrounding ourselves with, and working with, people who are brilliant at what they do, work hard but don’t take themselves too seriously and possibly have room for a bit of CakeJoy® in their creative lives.

What is CakeJoy®?

It’s a broad, simple and inclusive idea that goes something like this:

CakeJoy® comes from anything that makes you happy.

For us it just happens to be cake,  film making, drone flying and maybe a little ice-cream (not that we want to seem greedy).

If you want to chat to us about anything; from your favourite cake, drone work,  thoughts on colour grading, scriptwriting help or maybe working with us on a project you have – just reach out using the contact us page.

To visit our aerial work website, please click here. Clicking on the link will open a new web page.

SendCake films holds PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) from the CAA and a minimum £5M pound public liability insurance from a Lloyds of London Insurance Company.

With all the aerial work we do our core objective is to give you video and photographs you will be proud of, whilst operating at a risk level that is as low as reasonably possible. There are a lot of laws and regulations about this, which it is our job to know, so that you can relax in the knowledge we will provide a fantastic service and first class work, all while being safe, legal and insured.

Our client liaison team is here to keep you fully informed about our  process and will be happy to talk through your requirements and aerial work in general (even if you don’t end up using us).

We offer a range of services to meet your business, marketing, personal or corporate need.

Please contact us for further details.

  • aerial@sendcake.net
  • +44 7824 810 474



We are a members of

We’ve written and directed a number of short films, a small sample of which can be found below.

Old Skool Teaser


The Question

Lucky Charm Trailer

In Search of a Hedge Chicken



You can reach us by all the usual social media channels, phone, email, Skype and soon {probably} by using the force.

  • please@sendcake.net
  • +44 7824 810474
  • Skype: SendCakeFilms

Or you can shoot us a message using the form here.

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It’s a thing.

It’s OUR thing.

It’s THEIR thing…

There follows a list of stuff (people, places, things and businesses) that give us CakeJoy® in our journey to make films....

Heliguy - are the leading DJI retailer in the UK. They also accredited by the CAA to provide PfCO training.

Ian Hylands - Playwright, Filmmaker, Photographer & Star Wars Geek.

Tamara Shelley (TLS Casting) International Producer/Casting Director

SevenSeas Productions - A Canadian production company lead by James Highet.

Greenfield Photography - Jonathan Rapley (DoP & Photographer) & Haley Greenfield (Photographer)

Andrew Stamp - Music composer

Simon 'Ted' Coram - Sound Recordist and Boom Operator

Proof professor

Sam Minett – Personal script consultant

Mick Mears - Author

ChatAboutCakes - #CakeJoy maker and supplier to our first film (it's their cake in background here)

A great blogger for inspiration and motivation.

Akasha Garnier – Writer/Producer & Filmmaker

Nando Milano Trattoria (Wicker Park, Chicago) - #CakeJoy makers extraordinaire

Eastwood (Sound and Vision) Ltd - Film and Video equipment